What is Lorem Ipsum 2?

July 03, 2018

What is Lorem Ipsum 2?

You know, I never saw myself as a person who’d start a blog or a business at first. All I wanted to do was play sports. I loved hockey from the get-go, forcing my friends, family and whoever I could get my hands on to play. I would stay up late and shoot pucks in the garage until I was told to come inside. I did it with other sports as well. Soccer and baseball, to an extent, were just as much as my life growing up as hockey was. I never thought about anything else. Oh and possibly my Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo NES when it was raining. So when I look back at myself and wonder why I wanted to start an athletic apparel business with my brothers and family, it seemed a bit far fetch from my dreams of playing sports professionally. Maybe I realized that I never wanted to stop playing sports and this was a way to keep me engaged. Whatever the reason, my family and I decided to found Tridonis.

It all started after my siblings and I had one of our long, sports-filled chats. You know, the ones where you spend 45 minutes talking in circles and everyone keeps piling on the same point made about two minutes into the conversation. We started off talking about how one of my brothers was playing well this year for the ice hockey team at Babson College, and then it spiraled into personnel choices, players who were, or weren’t, performing at the level they expected, coaching choices, and so on. I put in my take about what I thought was happening (I played college hockey at Wesleyan, so I figured I was definitely qualified) and then, out of the blue, the conversation would shift dramatically to my other brother who went to the NCAA final four for D-III soccer at Brandeis University. One by one, our shifts back and forth between soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, and football, whip-lashed anyone who came within ear shot. My mom has got a keen sense of when to step out of the room when these rabbit-hole discussions would start. She had learned from experience.

This time, the conversation decided to end a little differently. One of my brothers was chatting about the gear he’d be receiving as part of his “team kit”. The gear was horrendous. Not only did it fit poorly, it was crap. Cheap materials, ugly design, and poor functionality. We’ve all grown up seeing professional athletes perform at the highest level with gear built to provide the edge needed to win. Why are kids who’ve succeeded to such a high level using gear that only weighed them down? It didn’t make sense. I remembered the gear I always got in my team kits. They were used for picture day (barely), and that was it. I always ended up using the higher end gear I bought myself (and it wasn’t cheap…) Was it so hard to come up with high quality gear that looked good for a reasonable price? My brothers and I, along with my dad and my sister (who went to a fashion school… thank you!), all brainstormed on the idea. My father, who is an accountant, had a few clients that were in the fashion business, especially athletic wear (who knew accountants weren’t so accountant-ty?). A few phone calls later, some conference calls discussing cool name ideas (it’s harder than it looks), a few prototypes built, and here we are. Tridonis.

Tridonis was built to provide EVERY athlete out there with the best possible gear, hands down. We’ve taken our experiences in our athletic careers and designed apparel that can perform at any level. Not only will you love our gear, but I bet you’ll want to wear it everywhere (and not have it end up at the bottom of your closet after picture day.)